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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  August 10, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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protests honoring the anniversary of the faith al shooting of michael brown turned violent overnight. a man is in critical condition after a gun fight with police. we'll have more on the overnight violence. >> also, two people are dead after a crash in lawncrest overnight. live report on what happened. anyone who did not get pick this afternoon, there is a chance you can still get your hands on the papal transit passes. >> we want to get your day started to check on traffic and weather together. sure enjoying that weekend and hoping to hang on to the good wetter. >> good morning, always good monday when you wake up, there is no rain. >> very true. >> nice and dry. so katie i'm excited to hear
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what we have in store for us. >> well ... i mean, looking at more of scattered variety of showers, thunderstorms, meisha, eventually there will be wet weather out there. you can already see over my shoulder a little speckle of green on the radar, frontal boundary what will be brinking in the next round of showers and thunderstorms. today i wouldn't call it terribly widespread. but we are going to start to see the moisture build up in the atmosphere, what that will do is allow there to be heavier downpours that come along with scattered showers and storms. putting things into motion, you can already see, even just outside of our viewing area, even through portions every lancaster county, hint of moisture beginning to bubble up out there. today will be featuring essentially mixed bag. you get some sun, you get some clouds, see shower thunderstorm dotting the regional radar, more in scattered fashion than anything, when it comes through again could you get caused briefly. so umbrella not the worse idea, but you could get away potentially without it. if you are feeling lucky, let's say. now we look ahead to tomorrow.
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rain chances obviously spike significantly. that is when our next actual cold front will be crossing through. at least the leading edge moves, in bridges with it even heavier gusty thunderstorms, ahead to wednesday, things starting to clear out, thursday looks pretty fantastic as far as wet weather issues are concerned. 71 degrees current temperature meanwhile, off to mild start, mid upper 60s, as the day progresses we should hit the mid 80s, pretty typical overall with the expectations, and again, bit of mixed bag kind of day. so, meisha gets the bottom line as i mention earlier, are you feeling lucky today? that's pretty much the store. >> i every morning, katie, every morning, i'm feeling lucky. i think on a monday you have to have that attitude, right? good morning, it is still early, pushing toward that 5:00 hour. i know we all have our coffee together we'll do this morning together. ly look outside, where we had the first accident of the morning, 95 northbound at the walt whitman bridge. this just got cleared, all lanes were blocked, that is
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now open so 95 heading in the northbound direction over the bridge area, looking good there. now, this is where we had earlier crash, i'm pull up map here for you, the roosevelt southbound, roosevelt boulevard southbound at adams avenue, center lane blocked, very serious accident, in this area. so, even though it is still early, not many vehicles on the roadways, you certainly want to give yourself couple of extra minutes in that area. like i said, very serious accident there. here is a look at the ben franklin, walt whitman bridge now open, clear, ben franklin bridge looking good for those of you coming over from new jersey, exactly what we want to see still in the 4:00 hour, still early, and also, the vine street expressway, look at that, beautiful picture of this looking great, just few early risers out, there so if you are thinking about leaving your house any time soon, right now would be great time to do it. mass transit looking great. no major delays at the airport, so for early start on monday morning, things are looking really good. erika, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. following some breaking news out of ferguson, missouri, man
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in critical condition after shoot-out with police. the gunfire interrupted demonstrations, one year after a white police officer killed an unarmed black teenager. sunday a day filled with peaceful protest he is, but the mood changed after night fall. >> reporter: with report of thrown bottles, and two businesses being broken into, police called in reinforcements in riot gear. the situation got tense. with demonstrators still shouting at the officers, police ordered the crowd to disperse. first son's interim police chief said he wanted to avoid inciting the crowd. >> we're trying to work with the community. we're explaining to them their right. we just want to be as patient as possible. >> message to those who are looting. >> that's when he heard gunfire. (gunfire heard). >> reporter: as people
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scramble for cover, gunfire continues. it wasn't until later officers could clear the scene sending in tactical units and pushing back the crowds. andrew spencer, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". happening today, philadelphia is marking the one year anniversary of the ferguson shooting. philly coalition for real justice, holding rally at broad and ear any north philadelphia tonight to remember michael brown and to call attention to police brutality. demonstrations starts at 6:00. hundreds are expected to attend. >> now, new this morning, two people are dead following a violent crash in philadelphia. that crash happened overnight at adams and whitaker avenues. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us now at the scene in lawncrest, with the latest information for us, good morning. >> good morning, that's right,
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man and woman now dead as a result of this crash. it happened just after 2:30 this morning, we are told by witnesses, i'll step from your view now, so you can get a look at the scene as it stands right now. we told from witness that is jeep in the background there is the car involved, they say, they saw lot of smoke and debris fly from the vehicle, as it lost control on the roosevelt t appears to have clipped a light pole over here, and also side-swiped generator site off of adams. somewhere, somehow, those two victims were ejected from that vehicle, and they fell dead, we are told here, at the corner of adams avenue and whitaker avenues. they were pronounced dead here on the scene. we do have video to show you at this time. we saw several loved ones pour out to the corn tears watch this very sad and very gruesome investigation this morning. the scope of the investigation spans from adams to roosevelt boulevard as well as to whisker avenue here as well. we know that police are now talking to the driver of a second car, in that car we are told are friends of the victim. that friend is telling police we are told by other friends that car was tailing that
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crash car. they also lost site at some point of that crash car, and they are riding back here to adams and whitaker to find the car overturned, and their two friends dead. back out live, as you can see, the investigation still continues, still very active this morning, traffic is still moving along the roosevelt. however, if your commute involves whitaker and adams avenue in this area, you might find yourself re-directed as police continue to comb this scene for clues. and also, video that might help them solve just what happened in this del deadly crash overnight. live in northeast philadelphia, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank up, see you later this morning. >> a car crashes into home in rhawnhurst, it happened just before midnight in the 8600 block of bustleton avenue. a man in his 80s was watching it. v when the car plowed into the home. that man received stitches for minor cut, but is expected to be okay. the woman driving has been tested for dui and taken to
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the hospital. no word right now on the severity of her injuries. 4:37. philadelphia police are investigating a fatal shooting after teenager in elmwood. family member identifies him as 16 year old cory tunnel. shot 6300 block of readland street. medics responded about 6:45 sunday evening to report of nosebleed. he actually suffered a gunshot wound to the head. he died less than few hours later. his grandmother has no idea how it could have happened. >> playing basketball, then went over his cousin's, playing with his cousin's, next thing i know i get a phonecall that little cory has been shot. so i get to the hospital and they said -- they won't even let me in. >> it is unclear how that shooting started. remembering a life taken far too soon. celebrating what would have been the third birthday of david junior. young boy killed in a
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hit-and-run back in april. people released balloons and lit candles in david's honor. david's mother, also struck, fought back tears as she spoke about her child. >> well, my baby was an active person. he was always in the park, playing basketball, dancing here outside, and always, you know, playing with other kids, and he was supposed to start school this year at the lighthouse. and now look. he's not here with us. >> officers continue to search for the driver who struck david. if you have any information, you are asked to call police. >> the suspect in a mass murder in a houston home has a day in court. david conally's charged in the murders of two adult and six children. he reportedly told law enforcement officials he handicuffs them and then shot them in the back of the head. authority say that conally has violent criminal history and had previously been in a con
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ten husband relationship with the mother. >> if you won the lottery for the special one day passes for the papal visit you have until 3:00 p.m. today to claim them. now if you don't claim those tickets, you will lose them. if you did not win any passes, your chance to get them is not gone yet. a second round of emails will start going out tonight to lottery entrant not initially picked. ridership is being cammed at 175,000 per day. >> still ahead this morning on "eyewitness news", two people and a dog stranded on a burning boat off the coast of ocean city. the dramatic rescue by first responders. >> and oh, what a beautiful weekend, right? get ready for some changes. katie is tracking rain that's going to creep into our forecast this week. she has the details whether we come right back.
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right now she'll have it for you coming up in just one
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minute. listen to there is epa officials say she does not believe wildlife will suffer significant health impact. estimated 3 million gallons spilled out of the abandoned mine last week, turned the river orange. the waste water includes heavy metals including arsonic, and lead. it continues to flow across the board near new mexico, where the river meets the san juan river. >> first responders leap into togs save two people and a dog stranded on the burning boat off the coast of ocean city. we have some eyewitness cam video here, shows the smoke billowing from the burning sailboat yesterday morning. the coast guard says the boat sent out an sos signal, then everyone on board hopped into a ding toy wait for help. rescuers snapped some photos right here, as they raised out to the flaming 46-foot boat. remarkably, no one was hurt. it is not yet clear what caused the fire. 4:43, just gorgeous weekend, but back to work, things changing for us, kate. >> i absolutely, new frontal
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boundary on the way, today we'll see wet weather, and the rest of the week not terrible right now. yes, so, sort of taking the lumps as we have to once in a while. >> you'll be at work. >> exactly, yes. if you are lucky enough to have the day off today, you may have to dodge a shower or thunderstorm, but should be pretty spot. yes, but little muggier as a result, too. always tends to, right? so we go ahead, right on outside, at the moment, just some clouds overhead on "skycam 3", we overlook center city off in the distance there, all of the buildings lit up nicely, no low clouds, all is good, and at least all is clear, as far as your visibility is concerned. however, that is going to be changing for us with the approach and eventual passage of the neck cold front that's on the way. so you can already see things beginning to bubble up here outside for the most part the general viewing area here. so lancaster county starting to see few little spots, speckles out on the area radar. we'll eventually see this overtake the region. so with more moisture building in, higher dew points, little
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muggier after atmosphere, actual cold front we are tracking is still crossing through the great lakes region. this is what's going to cross through and bring in some heavier thunderstorms, as early as tonight, but specially into tomorrow. soap, that's what we are looking ahead to. generally speaking, your showers and storms today come through the second half of the day. again, already seeing that on the area radar, we could allow it for any time. but it should still be pretty scattered in nature. mid 80s generally the he can peck takes here, lower 80s, more clouds, showers, storms to track, again there is looks like the wettest day of the next five, six, seven really. so in is really going to be the stormy day of our forecast, watch for showers locally heavy or gusty thunderstorms to rumble through with that front. and then we clear it all out. sun returns for wednesday. and even beyond that point. so, it is a nice forecast, i would say, generally speaking, except forefront loaded with some wet weather. 83 degrees today. later on tonight we drop it down to 72, muggier night on tap with showers and thunderstorms, dotting the area radar. and then again, tomorrow, i would say that's the day that
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definitely requires an umbrella. but even today, it wouldn't be the worse idea just because even though it is spotty, you could get drenched if you are unlucky you have no get stuck under one of the little pocket of rain. erika, back to you. >> in campaign 2016, donald trump defending himself over comments over fox news anchor megan kelly. presidential candidate was not happy about a question kelly asked, during the debate about sexist comment made by trump in the past. >> you know, could you see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her where ever. >> trump is not apologizing for the comments, but he is softening his position by suggesting he meant she would be bleeding perhaps from her nose. >> i'm very angry. all i was doing, referring -- i said nothing wrong whatsoever. do you think i would make a stupid statement like that? who would make a statement like that? only a sick person would even think about it.
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>> trump was dis-invite from the conservative event this weekend following those remarks. and in a interview, taped before the blood comment, making kelly respond to trump's behavior during the debate. it was. >> it was the first time he ever participated in a presidential debate. so i am sure the nerves were high as they were for all of the candidate. and, you know, he felt the attack it, wasn't an attack, it was fay question. but i get it, he is in the arena, and so am i. >> kelly has yet to weigh in on the blood comment. how much, other presidential candidate have bashed trump. many saying you can't just assume a woman is hormonal when she comes at you with a tough question. >> 4:47 right now. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, some big changes coming to target stores. we have the details for you coming up in our money watch report. first though, here's what's ahead tonight on cbs-3.
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we have update on breaking news this morning, one man was shot by police during protests in ferguson, missouri. he's currently in critical condition. the demonstrations mark the one year anniversary of the shooting of african-american teenager by a police officer. >> also, police are investigating a deadly crash that killed a man and woman overnight. it happened around 2:30 this morning, at adams avenue and whitaker avenue in lawncrest. police are interviewing possible eyewitnesses right now. and, if you won the lottery for regional rail passes during next month's papal visit, you have until about 3:00 today to pick them up. second round of e-mail notifications will go out starting tonight, to those lottery entrant, not selected. the pope will be in philadelphia september 26th and 27th, in case you haven't heard, travel in the city will be extremely limited. >> right now, 4:50. in business news this morning, invest remembers wait to go see if the markets will
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rebound today after rough week on wall street. money watch's jill wagner joins us back from vacation up at the new york stock exchange, jill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erika. that's right, the dow opens today, lowest point since february, so on friday the labor department said that the us economy is continuing to add jobs at a healthy pace. that means, though, that the fed is still likely on pace to raise interest rates in september. so, this week, some more companies will report their earnings, we'll also get numbers on retail sales, and again, we will see if these markets can bounce back. erika? >> all right, jill, thank you. also, hearing there is a big change coming to target stores watch are they mixing up? >> reporter: well, tarring set going to be removing gender-based label for most of its children's department, that's includes toys, bedding, entertainment. for example, in the toy area, tarring let take down pink, blue, yellow and green paper, which was used to suggest items based on gender. target says the decision stems from customer feed-back. erika? >> all right, very good.
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jill, see you in about an hour, thanks so much. >> coming up after the break, another check on traffic and weather together. we'll be right back.
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judged. >> morning, if you are just waking up, good morning, roads are looking pretty good. right now so far so good. we've had couple of incidents, one cleared out of the way, 95 northbound, no longer in existence. here is a look at the schuylkill expressway at spring garden, looking great there. as you can see, 422 eastbound at trooper road for those of you heading out, head being toward the king of prussia area, it is looking like a ghosttown, that's what we want to see this early hour. also, 42 freeway northbound at creek road. you can see, kind of steady flow, this is actually what we typically see for those every you coming out of jersey, heading toward 295, this is what it looks like, hopefully that will hold somewhat steady. we had very serious accident, happen earlier, that's still in play, overturned vehicle, at roosevelt boulevard southbound at adams avenue.
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the center lane is blocked for those of you, so you might want to think about using an alternate, erika, or actually katie, i have to tell you, thank goodness the roads are dry, but already in traffic, we've had kind of series every accidents. soap, hopefully, you snow. >> off to little rough start for a monday morning, you know, at least when the weather department here, at least we can report not everyone dealing with too much in the way of major weather-related issues but it will be changing with time. front moving through, you know what that means, eventually wet weather has to do the very same. and at the moment, most every are you dry. you can see the sign, tell tail sign of things to come. even through backs through berks, lancaster county already finding couple of scattered, very isolated showers firing up on the area radar. that's going to be with us through the better part of the day. you know, it is not going to be one of those situations where you see wash out by any stretch. and if you really don't want to cart umbrella along, feel free to leave it at home. but also don't be shock if you see a quick shower that is bringing locally heavy downpour at some point throughout the course of the
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day, especially headed into tomorrow. we start to see the threat for heavier downpours, strong he wind, frequent lightning, hail and tornado risk thankfully low here, but another colds front. pretty potent one looks like, not necessarily knocking temperatures back all that much. it will bring with it some gusto, we say, so looking ahead to tomorrow, wettest day of the forecast, even today, erika, shower or thunderstorm still going to be out there. >> good to know, thanks, katie. coming up up: we have the latest on unrest in ferguson, where shots have been fired overnight. >> also, ahead, another drone spotted near one of the nation's busiest airports. we'll hauer audio from air traffic controllers. >> and remembering frank gifford, we're hearing from his wife, kathy lee, and nfl commissioner roger goodel. that and more when "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00.
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frantic moments, when gunfire breaks out in ferguson, missouri. a police cruiser, struck by bullets. officers returned fire, and this morning, suspect is in critical condition, as the unrest returns. back here at home, two people are dead, in a violent crash in the city's lawncrest section. we're live at the scene as police investigate what happened. >> and, some scary moment, for a man sitting in his home, just watching it. v, when an out of control car slams into it, and then catches fire. we have the details. good morning, it is monday, august 10th, come on over here, there you go, i'm erika von tiehl. more on the top stories coming up in a moment. first we check in with katie and meisha, have their eyes on the road, ladies, good
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morning. >> good morning, mondays typically are busy and sure shaping up to be that way this monday morning, katie. >> yes, it looks that way weather wise, too, meisha a things finally starting to go little more downhill. we have been kind of spoiled in recent days here, where we've had very pleasant weather recently, not necessarily going to be the case throughout the day today. but, it is also going to be one of those mixed bag casino every days. you see this all the time in summer, where you have a little sun, you have couple of clouds, you have a shower, you have a thunderstorm. just makes for very word i forecast. do you have allow for all of that to take place, start things offer by taking you on outside, show you on storm scan, this basically just a snapshot view of the regional radar, with our tri-state sweep being made on all of the different radars, picking up on couple of little pocket already, of few showers, out, right on the border of new castle county, lancaster, berks. so just the combination, folks, not talking about wash out by any stretch. but there will be this sort of scattered variety, of showers, and/or thunderstorms, firing up throughout the day. it is all frontal boundary related, again, not going to be wash out by


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